Let’s win Dec. polls for Rawlings – Asiedu Nketia charges NDC

The General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress Johnson Asiedu Nketia has urged members of the party to ensure victory for the party in the December polls to honour the late JJ Rawlings.

“The principles of Rawlings are good, but they will be impotent if we are in opposition. So the best tribute to President Rawlings is to be committed to the rescue mission. So be fired up by the temporary demise of our founder to win this election and rescue this nation Ghana which was dear to his heart from the very ills he fought against all his life.

“Corruption today is worse than what he fought against on the occasion of June 4th. Nepotism today is worse than what occasioned the June 4th revolution. Let us fight to come to power. Let us revisit the idea of June 4th becoming one of the national holidays. We can only do this in power,” Mr. Nketia told party supporters at a vigil in memory of the party’s founder in Accra Sunday.

He charged party supporters to yearn to emulate the values of the late President.

“President Rawlings when he was alive, did not take pleasure in monuments being named after him. In fact, there were several occasions where he resisted the attempt to name monuments after him. His life also shows that he abhors ostentatious living and ostentatious funerals and ceremonies…He kept reminding us that the best tribute we can keep in his memory is to hold dearly the principles of June 4 based upon which the NDC was established.

“I believe strongly that the way to keep President Rawlings’ memory alive is to observe the principles of June 4, keep on practising what he cherished most and for my comrades in the cadre fraternity, for us to remind ourselves about the simple things he did to show that he cared for the fellow Ghanaians.”

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