MP Xavier Sosu’s LGBTQI+ Advocacy Exposed

A few days ago, the Honorable Member of Parliament (MP) for the Madina Constituency, Francis-Xavier Kojo Sosu had an opportunity to speak to students at Center College, Danville, in Kentucky, as a guest speaker at the College’s convocation.

He spoke about his human rights work and how to build a more equitable society in areas of the world where people with queer ideologies and other sexual orientation are marginalized. The talk also considered his Private Members Bill in parliament that deal with social issues covering victims of sexual violation.

Among the topics lined up by the Center for its February program is “Vital Votes: Defending LGBTQI+ Rights in an Era of Democratic Erosion”. The speaker intends to examine LGBTQI+ rights globally and demonstrate ways that Outright International is seeking to empower queer citizens around the world. The speaker will bring a comparative global perspective to the issue of LGBTQI+ rights promotion around the world and will help Centre students better understand how to think about minority rights and political systems outside of the US context.

The speaker believes that democracy and human rights are under assault across the globe, and that this backsliding affects LGBTQI+ communities around the world who are facing abuse, the loss of rights, or even criminalization, which some critics believe the
‘Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill, currently under consideration in Ghanaian parliament, seeks to achieve.

It should come as no surprise that the organizer of Xavier Sosu’s talk is the Center for Global Citizenship and Office of Diversity and Inclusion, whose executive director is Adam Chen-Dedman, a known LGBTQ advocate.

Adam researches center around responses to Chinese nationalism, geopolitics in Taiwan’s LGBTQ+ social movement, and Japanese and Thai queer cultural interactions with Taiwan. He has taught courses on LGBTQ+ activism and human rights in Asia, Sex and Politics, and Global Media Cultures.

It would be recalled that Honorable Francis Xavier-Sosu, has dragged three former National Democratic Congress (NDC) officials to court for allegedly defaming him by repeatedly calling him a ‘gay MP’ and a ‘gay promoter’ on various platforms, including radio and written publications.

The parliamentarian denies these allegations and says that they have been made to harm his reputation and expose him to contempt. With his recent visit to Center College, and his links to institutions whose social activism focuses on minority rights promotion and advocacy for diversity and inclusion, has the MP blown the lid off his undercover operations?

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