Naa Sakoa Foundation Commissions Vocational Centre

God Grace Ministries in partinership with Lily of the Valley in collaboration with Naa Sakoa Widows and Aged foundation has commissioned a vocational centre in Manhean in the Ga West Municipality of the Greater Accra Region.

The establishment of the vocational centre is aimed at eradicating poverty among the youth within the Manhean and it environs.

The establishment of the centre is also aimed at reducing teenage pregnancy among the youth and help the youth especially the girls to be productive and responsible in their community.

The new vocational centre will train the youth of Manhean and its environs in cakes and pastries making, hairdressing, sewing and decorations.

Addressing the gathering, the Manye of Manhean Naa Sakoa who doubles as the founder of Naa Sakoa Windows and Aged Foundation revealed that the establishment of the centre was as a result of her request to a U.S base Non-governmental Organization, God Grace Ministries.

According to her, the rise in teenage pregnancy and idleness among the youth of Manhean is what compelled her to request the NGO to help her establish the vocational centre to help mitigate the increasing rate of teenage pregnancy in the area.

She called on the people of Manhean to educate the youth to know and understand why they should enroll in the vocational institute.

This she said will help the youth to take their training seriously and not to idle about because it’s free.

Source: Muhammed Faisal Mustapha

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