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New Revivalists Needed for the Work of God Ahead of End Time – Razak Kojo Opoku Writes

Currently, majority of the leadership of Church has been highly corrupted and compromised for the Work of God.

The power, respect, authority and influence of the Church in the world has been significantly reduced. People in the world nowadays careless about the Church, and it has even become worsen since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Most of the Churches instead of focusing on expanding the Kingdom of God through soul winning, they are largely focused on building brands and acceptable image for their Pastors/Prophets /Bishops/Apostles/Archbishops.

The leadership of the Church has become more authoritative than the Authority of God. The words of the leadership has become final and unchallenged.

The vulnerable and spiritually ignorant Christians pays more attention to the words of Church leadership than the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Pastors/Prophets/Bishops/Archbishops words have become more powerful than the Word of God (Holy Bible).

These days people are very relax, and lack the energy and excitement for the Church and things of God.

True revivalism has died, and Christian leadership is either sleeping on their divine assignment or in serious needless earthly competition with each other.

In the name of spiritual father/mother and spiritual son/daughter relationships, ignorant people have turned their Pastors/Prophets /Bishops/Apostles/Archbishops into 2nd Jesus Christ, worshipping and honouring them more than Jesus Christ upon whose leadership and words the Church was established. This is a pure craft of craziness.

God seriously needs to raise new Revivalists to reposition and redirect the Church as well as restore the power, authority, respect and influence of the Church in the world.

The Church is gradually losing Its glory and significance in Society, and if the Christian Community does not wake up from their sleep and eschew self-promotion, Christianity will seriously vanished or overshadowed by the other religions.

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