Onamroko Adain Family Sets The Records Straight On Gbese Stool Notice … Says No Course Of Alarm


Gbese MantseĀ 

The acting head of Onamroko Adain family, Mr. Carl Josiah Reindorf has set the records straight on a notice issued by the Gbese Mantse over Gbese Stool Lands.

According to him, the Onamroko Adain family is a family that forms part of Gbese Korle-we quarter, but have its own lands.

The acting head of the Onamroko Adain family revealed that the family did a publication regarding the lands the family owns at Aveno, Kwabenya all the way to Ofankor and some parts t of Atomic, Ghana Police Station, Gihoc Pharmaceutical and some areas.

The family, he said forms part of Gbese adding that there are rulings that there are some percentages that is to be giving the Gbese mantse who is the overlord of the land, therefore, he has the right to say he owned the land but the land belongs to families within the Gbese quarters .

He said the family initiated a move by informing people about how their clients deal with the lands which the family should have consulted the Gbese Mantse about their moves which compelled the Gbese Mantse to respond.

He added that the lands that stretches from Tesano to Kwabenya will only bear the signature of the head of the Onamroko Adain family and that is the only documents that will go through and that out of it there is a percentage that the family will take to the Gbese Mantse.

This, he said the family is taking steps to rectify it to ensure that such things will not happened without the knowledge of the Gbese Mantse.

He urged all their clients not to panic over the said publication by the Gbese Mantse adding “the family is having a deliberation with the stool to come out with a joint publication to inform the public on the matter”.


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