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Osabarima Professor Mirikissi Apori Atta Is Still Our Chief – Hemang Community

The Youth and people of Hemang have risen up against some publications in the media suggesting the destoolment of their Chief, Osabarima Professor Mirikissi Apori Atta.

The Youth and the people who are unhappy about the said publication and indicated that Osabarima Professor Mirikissi Apori Atta remains their Chief and that there is no way they will seat down aloft to see such an injustice to be perpetrated against their Chief who has over the years, defended their course and worked so hard to make life comfortable for them.

They have called on people who are trying to meddle in their chieftaincy to stay off.

Their position stems from a publication on July 1, 2019 claiming that their Chief had been destooled.

The whole Hemang, we can say, is in turmoil a purported statement destooling their chief upon a petition by the people of Dome and Gyampomanin.

Meanwhile, the President for Hemang For Development and Networking, both home and outside, Kwame Adu in an interview indicated that the people of Hemang do not accept such news about the destoolment of their Chief.

However, he said they are ready to stand behind their Chief, Osabarima Professor Mirikissi Apori Atta since he has been a pillar of the whole community.

Explaining matters further, Kwame Adu indicated that Osabarima Professor Mirikissi Apori Atta have been fighting for the welfare of the people of Hemang.
“Look our Chief, Osabarima Professor Mirikissi Apori Atta always ensures that whatever problems we are having, we go through the right process in solving them. We don’t see his actions as far as mining and timber cutting on our land are concerned as disrespectful conducts towards anybody, “ he said.

According to him, not too long ago, a man visited the community trying to cut down timber.

“The man came to our Chief and told him he had already seen the some traditional leaders who gave him the go ahead. But the Hemanghene asked him to go through the necessary regulations and paperwork including the Timber Land Process so as to be able to do that,” he said.

He also revealed that the man later brought a Social Responsibility Agreement for the Chief to sign which the Chief refused because the said Agreement was incomplete.

This perhaps, resulted in the seeming animosity against him by the some people who want to seen his downfall hence the said destoolment.

He also stated that the Chief always discuss matters relating to the progress and development of Hemang with them, his community people, and that shows a sign of respect and the Open door leadership he exhibits.

According to him, it was not a secret that the matter regarding the timber cutting was sent to Court where the Court ordered that the man must not enter the forest to cut down timber until he completed the Timber Land Process.
“This is a fight our Chief took upon himself to fight for us. This was done not for his personal gains but for the good of the community,” he said.

“How can this be abuse of office, disrespect or attack on somebody?” he asked.
Kwame Adu also averred that when it comes to mining, Osabarima Professor Mirikissi Apori Atta always ensures that the right thing is done. “He never prevented anybody from mining provided you go through the right process so as not to destroy our water bodies. Those who are not able to do the right thing as far as mining is concerned, he took them to Court to make sure they do right,” he said.

Talking on the issue of mining in Dome, he said what their Chief was doing was just to ensure the protection of their water bodies.
He said Osabarima Professor Mirikissi Apori Atta’s position at the time was for the miners to ensure that they allow 100m at the buffer zone, and anything short of that is against the mining rules.

“But when the miners came to our Chief, they claimed they consulted the Assembly, the Water Resources Commission and have all the necessary permits to mine. However checks conducted by our Chief revealed that they never went to the Assembly neither do they go to the Water Resource Commission. They had no permit,” he said.

He said the claims that the Chief has unlawfully taken over the Dome and Gyampomani lands are unfortunate and an attempt to destroy the Chief’s image and reputation.

Kwame Adu said it is unfortunate that Chiefs like Osabarima Professor Mirikissi Apori Atta, who have stood tall to protect the scarce resources of his people, become victims of intimidation and victimisation.
“The time has come for us to say No more. Osabarima Professor Mirikissi Apori Atta is still our Chief and will continue to be our Chief.”

He also hint of a possible demonstration by the whole Hemang community in protest of the said information and the interference of some peoole in the affairs of their community and the so-called destoolment of their Chief.

He said Osabarima Professor Mirikissi Apori Atta is the only person they have, the only person they can look up to, defend them, protect and bring them hope and therefore, they are not ready to let go.

“There is this one question I want to ask. Is destooling Osabarima Professor Mirikissi Apori Atta, his reward for protecting his people and their resources?” he asked.


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