Policymakers Not Doing Enough To Assist Trade Facilitation – TAGG

Traders Advocacy Group Ghana (TAGG) has indicated that policymakers are not doing enough to put the appropriate policies in place to assist trade facilitation in the country since firms are experiencing difficulties.

In a Press Release, TAGG reminded traders and the general public that as far as the commodity market is concerned, importation is necessary because some goods cannot be produced in Ghana.

“This is something we are all aware of. Imports provide over 60% of the nation’s needs for goods, which helps Ghana’s industry. In this context, questions about imports and trade facilitation in the country with relation to everyday transactions like buying and selling will surely be raised.”

The Group urged Ghanaians traders to disregard groups that issue orders without taking into account the traders’ perspective on the facts.

According to TAGG, retailers do not need to reduce their prices and run the danger of capital loss because the inflation rate is declining.

To the Group, there are many factors, not just one, influencing the drop in pricing, saying that Ghanaians could be safeguarded from price hikes, requesting that the government listen to their plea for a decrease in the cost of doing business in the country.

It said: “It is rather sad to see a once-open administration suddenly attempting to make it harder for traders to conduct business in Ghana.

Ghanaians may attest to the fact that price increases are not our fault and that the expense of doing business has escalated to astronomical proportions if we all acknowledge the realities that face traders. Traders are unable to travel or import goods because of capital losses.”

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