Prampram: Kingmakers Welcome Ruling On Boundary Dispute But Express Concerns Over Conduct Of Tema High Court


Kingmakers in the Prampram Traditional Area of the Greater Accra region have welcomed a ruling by the Tema High Court in resolving the long-standing boundary dispute between Prampram and Kpone.

The Tema High Court on the 13th day of December 2022 ruled for the Mapping and Surveying department of the lands Commission to demarcate the said boundary.

Welcoming the ruling, elders of the Annor We Division, one of the three royal gates, said the ruling will end the long-standing dispute, which has been lingering for decades now.

However, the elders led by Numo Osabu Abbey IV, Dzaasetse of the Annor We Division, and Paramount stool father raised concern about the failure of the Tema High Court to ensure due diligence before giving judgement. This is based on the fact that one of the petitioners and plaintiffs in the case in the person of Numo David Justice Ngmai Abbey whose name was smuggled into the list of petitioners by Michael Quarcopome Packer, a.k.a Nene Tetteh Wakah has passed on and was successfully buried on 5th March 2022 and this lawsuit was filed on 22nd July 2022. We can see a clear case of misrepresentation since the deceased passed on before the case was filed at the court. So in this case, who filed for the deceased at the court?

According to Numo Osabu Abbey, the decision by Nene Tetteh Wakah to include the name of a deceased as a petitioner without the court noticing it shows how dangerous the latter is. According to him, he does not believe it was an oversight on the part of the court, not to have identified these anomalies but that a well-calculated act by Nene Tetteh Wakah together with the help and influence of some individuals at the Tema High Court.

Numo Osabu Abbey Iv whose ancestors secured a similar ruling in 1927 said the late Numo David Justice Abbey who stood in as head of Kwei Opletu Wem is deceased and therefore does not understand why a deceased name was used and accepted in the court for filing of their case

Numo Osabu Abbey added further that even though the ruling is long overdue, the 5 plaintiffs who filed the suit on behalf of the Prampram Traditional area have no locus to file such an appeal on behalf of the Council in the first place. He said these individuals are persons who are only fighting for their personal interest and wouldn’t be surprised to see them selling off all the lands that would be given to the Prampram stool after the boundary demarcation.

He further called on the government to ensure the Nene Tetteh Wakah and his ensigns do not hijack any lands that would be preserved for Prampram since lands in Prampram are claimed by the first settlers and as well noted as family lands. He further called on the various families to expedite action in claiming their lands after the demarcation to prevent Nene Tetteh Wakah and his group of hoodlums from diverting the said lands into their names, since they are noted for using Dubious means to satisfy their interest citing that of the Dodowa incident.


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