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Razak Kojo Opoku Writes:

For the record, I, Razak Kojo Opoku do not take a monthly salary of GHC 25,000 as an employee of NLA. Not even Directors of NLA take such amount of salary. Well, anyone is permitted to cross check from the NLA.

Again, it is only a downgraded fool who will believe that an employee of NLA can stake Lotto. NLA Staff are NOT Permitted to play or stake Lotto of any kind. If an employee of NLA do so it is criminal under Act 722 and L. I. 1948, and as such, that employee would be arrested and prosecuted accordingly.

Since the establishment of NLA(previously DNL) there is NO Person in Ghana who has been able to win lottery of GHC 200,000 every week. Superhuman beings cannot even achieve that.

Where is the employment letter that indicate that I received 25,000 Ghana Cedis as monthly salary?

Where are the Winning Tickets and the Bank Transactions that indicate that I have been winning lottery prize of 200,000 Ghana Cedis every week?

Therefore, all such allegations against me are complete foolishness, and I urge Ghanaians to totally and wholly ignore such fabrications.

The attempts to incite NPP Footsoldiers/Grassroots against me shall falls flat. It is an outmoded strategy.

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