Regional Police Command Blamed …For Increasing Cases Of Bloody Land Litigation @ East Legon Hills

Some land owners and developers who have been affected by recent bloody landguard attacks at East Legon Hills, a suburb in the Kpone Katamanso Municipal of the Greater Accra region, are blaming the Greater Accra regional police command for failing in their duties to clamp down on persons causing mayhem in the area.

Their complaints come at the backheel of recent activities of some hoodlums purported to have been brought to the area by one Samuel Laryea a claimant to some lands in contention in the area.

The latest of such incident transpired on the 30th of April 2022, where the said Samuel Laryea in the company of one Sariki Saani, an alleged notorious landguard, stormed the community with bulldozers, thugs and also some plain clothes police personnel, to destroy footings of structures belonging to some land owners and developers there.

The thugs were reported to have also assaulted persons who resisted the illegality with the purported plain clothes police personnel looking on.

The latest incident has incensed some developers in the East Legon Hills community, who are threatening to also arm themselves since they can no longer trust the Greater Accra Regional Police command to give them adequate protection.

Mr Frank Ashidam, a contractor who was a victim of last weekend’s bloody attack, could not hide his frustration with the manner in which the regional police command is handling the issue at hand despite factual evidence being provide by developers to back their claims that they are indeed legitimate owners of the lands in contention.

The contractor, who is also battling the said Samuel Laryea over 6.23 acres of land which the former bought and begun developing some 35 years ago, averred that, the said Samuel Laryea and his cohorts of Landguards by one of the most wanted landguard bosses in the capital, Sariki Saani, have been tormenting him and other residents for far too long.

He said despite numerous complaints to the police, little has been done about him.

He enquired, how someone like him (if not the first/ the early people to settle in that area) can be hounded out of his house and land after sacrificing so much to bring development to the community, just because an individual who has ties with some politicians wants to forcefully take their lands.

He warned any attempt by the said individual and his cohorts would be met with fierce resistance, since they are ready to sacrifice their lives to protect what rightfully belongs to them.

The Greater Accra Regional Police command when contacted, refused to talk on the matter, with the excuse that they had instructed both parties to go back to the court.

Mr Samuel Laryea on the other hand when contacted, said he had a judgment on the land and that, not even an appeal judgement which was won against him by some land owners like Mr Frank Ashidam, can overturn his resolution to take over the lands.


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