Should-to-Shoulder With Victims of Unprecedented Injustice

The barbaric demolition of homes in Winneba to pave way for the construction of a road to a Masturbating Progeny’s (MP’s) home, is nothing short of abuse of political power intended to make the NPP unpopular, thereby, weakening the chances of Dr. Alhaji Mahamudu Bawumia in the race for the Presidency on 7th December, 2024.

This deliberate destruction of homes (about 40 houses) that has rendered some people homeless, amounts to inhumane and degrading treatment and obviously a crime against humanity.

Even if these individuals had built their homes on State land, which law gives an MP the authority to carry out demolishing on behalf of the State?
Clearly, this ill-informed and misguided use of political power, is geared towards fulfilling the political statement of this MP’s colleague and bosom friend, who campaigned on the platform that, the NPP can’t break eight.
How can the NPP break the eight, when some of its MPs are greedily grabbing and destroying both public and private properties?
The heartless destruction of these homes, can only serve as a springboard towards breaking the eight, virtually impossible.

How would ordinary Ghanaians come to terms with this disturbing news that, an MP has unilaterally taken the laws of Ghana into his hands and destroyed the homes of honest hardworking Ghanaians to pave way for the construction of a road to his residence?

Without putting on any lenses, it is vividly clear that an ordinary Ghanaian shouldn’t have a place to sleep, because a special Ghanaian needs a shorter route to his house, simple!!
This is animal farm in action. Even though we are all human beings first and Ghanaians second, however, some people (the MP) are more human beings and Ghanaian than others.

And this is someone who has been lobbying for appointment as a Minister or Deputy Minister since 2017. How can a heartless person like this be appointed a Minister?
People have sacrificed their life savings, took loans and devoted their time and energy to put up moderate homes to serve as coolness of their hearts and eyes, and on the orders of just an ordinary MP, years of toil and sacrifice, has been reduced to rubble!

Am standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the victims of this unprecedented injustice for Justice not only to be done, but seen to be done!

Patiently on standby for threatening phone calls, and we will take it from there to its logical or illogical conclusion.

Alhassan Salifu Bawah
(son of an upright peasant farmer)
Farmers House
10 Vicarage Terrace

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