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Tesaa Cultural Troupe

Tesaa Cultural Troupe was established by Emmanuel Ampofo in 1990 since his father and his brothers who started somewhere in the 1960s in a small town in Ga Mashi a suburb of Accra passed on.

Registered at the Registrar general department since 2005. The troupe is an Affiliate of the Musicians Union of Ghana, Center for National Culture, National theatre Ghana, Ghana dance Association and the National Commission on Culture, Ghana.

The music and dance troupe has traveled both locally and internationally to perform in African Ghanaian traditional cultural Festivals, celebrations, Governmental occasions, ceremonial events, Durbars, weddings and funerals. All in the interest of keeping the traditional African dance, drumming and culture alive, while celebrating African tribal customs.

During the 1960s the leading fathers of the group were the originators of Gombe dance and its drum, Fume-fume dance, Osrama dance and drums, Kpanlogo Dance and drums which Was the unique dance and drumming festival of the Ga Dangbe tradition Area.

The Tesaa Cultural Troupe is based in Accra in the West African country of Ghana, which is also known as the Gateway to Africa. Ghana has a rich history of African tribes and Ashanti kings.

Tesaa’ is a dance, drumming, Fireworks and drama institution that keeps the history alive.

The majority of the members of Tesaa Cultural Troupe live in Aayalolo Korley – Dudor, province of Accra, the historic center of Ga Dangbe and this location serves as rehearsal and training grounds. It’s also one of the most impoverished areas in The Ga Dangbe district in Accra Ghana.

Despite the harsh conditions of life, the group has maintained its’ standard of excellence in commitment and performance. Tesaa Cultural Troupe is one of the outstanding groups that perform a combination of traditional dance, music, fireworks, cycling and music all in one in dynamic stage performance with dramatizations, which provoke raw emotions from audiences without fail.
The group is known in Ghana as master performers of creative live music, Fireworks, cycling, drumming and dance.
This has enabled them to record many albums that are aired on TV and Radio across the country.

Tesaa has won most of the prestigious Awards in Ghana and some counties and adjudged the best traditional artists of the year 2016 and at the 2020 Ghana music awards
for Traditional African dance and theatre, performed by native Tesaa Cultural Troupe and overall best Ga Dangbe group of the Year.

Tesaa is one of the residence group in the country that has been centered at the national theatre for their creativity in music and dance teaching,coaching and performing.It’s best teaching,coaching and performing skills has made them a pillar in the traditional dance centre at the centre for national culture for teaching,coaching and performing for up and coming and young cultural troupes.

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