Unveiling The Dishonourable Pimp


A failed Member of Parliament (MP), who is clearly on his way out of Parliament come the General Elections of December 7, 2020, has now assumed an additional responsibility as a pimp.

Having struggled vainly in the recent past to keep up with the pace set by his nemesis, this dishonourable MP has now resorted to baiting those who are giving him his worst nightmares, with prostitutes.

An aide to a Political hopeful, unfortunately succumbed to the evil machinations of this shameless MP, after allegedly sleeping with a ‘laced prostitute’ who threw herself at him, and he unfortunately collapsed on a bed. After the encounter in bed, the hired prostitute (Delali), then lodged a complaint of rape, and the’Samson’ was arrested and processed for court. He has been remanded into custody pending further investigations.

In addition, an influential community leader could not also control his libido upon being baited with prostitutes.
The said prostitutes were rigged with video recording devices, and the community leader was captured live in the act. This fellow is now being held to ransom by this deluded MP.

The number of prostitutes who have been sent my way by this failed MP, are uncountable. Having failed woefully to plant ‘foreign prostitutes’ (non-students) on me, this pure evil MP has now turned his attention to some female students of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), in pursuit of his shameful agenda to put one over me, and hold me to ransom and blackmail. Because this pathetic MP is morally bankrupt, he has hopelessly concluded that everyone is same.
By the grace of Allah, he has failed, and so shall he continue to fail through to December 7, 2020, Insha Allah!!

My message to this disgrace of an MP and all the female prostitutes being hired, used and sent to me is that, I don’t take secondhand ladies. This ‘he goat’, who has produced a dozen daughters with the aid of half a dozen women, is failing to bait me with his biological daughters. If the business of procuring prostitutes and assigning them to targeted men is the best job in the world, then why look beyond his daughters?

For the information of these greedy ladies who have allowed themselves to be used in this degrading and inhumane manner; fact is, the funds from which you are being paid, are associated with sakawa and to a greater extent, proceeds of crime, including armed robbery, so forget about such monies ever helping you build any future!

Let me draw the attention of this mentally incompetent MP to the fact that, the son of the upright peasant farmer, is gay, so he should stop sending female prostitutes whose services he has already patronized; and instead bring himself.

I assure this restless and confused MP that, I will give him the shag of a lifetime in public, by hammering a heated chisel through his rear end, and leaving it wide open!!

It is a complete waste of time and resources to attempt to bait me with female prostitutes, because they are not my taste.
Bring your very self, dishonourable MP, and the matter would be settled once and for all!!

May the soul of Julius (NDC Constituency Communication Team Member), who was allegedly beaten to death by thugs of a disastrous MP, rest in perfect peace! No one is going to get away with this heinous crime, no matter how long it takes, Insha Allah!!

Almost all State establishments in the vicinity, are remotely controlled by a single macabre individual with an insatiable appetite for power. As a result, the security of opponents of this weird individual, cannot be guaranteed. He gets away with murder, such as the broad daylight beating of Julius, in which he sustained life threatening injuries, that eventually led to his premature death. The perpetrators are well known in the community, but unfortunately, no one has been arrested to assist in investigations.

At most of the State establishments in this failed MP’s vicinity, virtually the same companies are awarded contracts through price quotations for the supply of goods and services and the execution of works. One does not require the expertise of the Office of Special Prosecutor (OSP) to unearth this corrupt practice.

Alhassan Salifu Bawah
(son of an upright peasant farmer)


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