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Wataniya Marks The Birth Of Prophet Muhammad

Wataniya under the leadership of Khalifa Ustaz Babalwaiz has held it 76th annual Maulid celebration to mark the birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad in Kumasi on a theme: ” The Prophet Guidance In Dealing With Pandemic”. The celebration was observed by the adherents of the Islamic religion all over the world.

Giving a brief history of the Prophet, the founder and leader of the Islamic Foundation for Peace and Development and Deputy Supreme Leader of the Supreme Council for Tijaniya Islamic Affairs, Ghana Sheikh Yahaya Amin stated that Prophet Muhammad was born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia on the 12th day of the third month in the Islamic calendar Rabi-ul-Awwal 570 Ad. The Prophet he said, was a perfect example of mankind for humans to follow as he was sincere in his dealings.

He said Prophet Muhammad portrayed good manners and was courteous, fair to all irrespective of race, colour or religion during his lifetime. He calls on all Muslims to reciprocate the deeds of Prophet Muhammad as the country is preparing towards a crucial election. Violence is not part of the Prophet deeds and whoever perpetrates violence especially Muslims during this election is not practising the teachings for the prophet. He advised the youth not allow themselves to be used as a tool of violence and call on anyone who intends to perpetrate violence in favour of any political party should first ask himself how will he feel if he is the one to be attacked.

He added that the Prophet was a peaceful person and loved all, he has shown humility, generosity, reformation and reconciliation hence the need for all Muslims to emulate his good manners. Maulid is recognised as a public holiday in most of the Muslim countries in the world and some multi-religious nations. This has compelled a section of the Muslim community calling on the government of Ghana to consider the day as a public holiday for Ghanaian Muslims to observe this special day as a holiday.

Some African Countries including Nigeria on Thursday 29, October announced the birthday of the Prophet as a public holiday to join other Muslims across the world to celebrate the Prophet.

There are different ways and opinions regarding the marking or celebration of the day, while some see the day as a period for fasting and sober reflection on life and times of Prophet Muhammed, others celebrate the day through public procession, eulogies for the prophet and other social gatherings, as well as decoration of streets and homes. Many Muslims were those who use the day to show appreciation to God through recitation of Holy Quran, giving of food and almsgiving to indigents.

History has it that Prophet Muhammed, May peace and blessing of Allah be upon him usually used his birthday to fast and pray to almighty Allah, an indication that a human being’s existence is gradually coming to an end as one celebrates his birthday. As Muslims mark the remembrance of the birth of Prophet Muhammad, it is very important for people to imbibe the good qualities of the servant of God.

Source: wadataonline.com/Muhammed Faisal Mustapha

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