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Accra Zabarma Chief Send His Condolence To Nasara Wing Members

The Greater Accra Zabarma Chief and President of Ghana Zabarma Association, Alhaji Sarki Pro-Umar Abubakar Tanko on Tuesday sent a message of condolence to the entire members of Nasara wing of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) over the death of former Nasara Wing Coordinator and a Founding father Alhaji Fuseini Maiga.

“On behalf of the Greater Accra Zabarma Community, the Association and in my own name, Alhaji Sarki Pro-Umar Abubakar Tanko” offered heartfelt condolences on the death of Alhaji Fuseini Maiga and extended his sincere regards to the NPP government and members, as well as to the family of the late Founding father of Nasara Wing.

He said in his message that Alhaji Fuseini Maiga was an outstanding personality within and outside the Muslim community and had devoted himself to the development of the Zangos and the nation at large.

“Alhaji Fuseini Maiga who was a father to me, had pursued friendly relations with Zongo Vibes a super Hausa program I host on Vibe Fm an Accra base radio station and made important contributions to the development of Zongos and NPP”.

“I have host Alhaji Fuseini Maiga several times on my show and I really did my very best to promote him and his agenda due to good intentions he had for the Zango Communities”.

“Alhaji Fuseini Maiga in 2004 succeeded in his agenda by obtaining a high number of votes for the NPP in the Zongos and through his efforts the NPP won”.

“He then continued with his selfless agenda and made a significant impact in the lives of many Zongo youths, indeed the Zongo Community had lost a great leader and he would be forever remain in the minds and hearts of many Zongo youths” revealed.

“We deeply regret the passing on of the late Founding father of Nasara Wing,” May Allaah (swt ) forgive him and grant his gentle soul Jannatul Firdaws pro-Umar Tanko said.

By Muhammed Faisal Mustapha

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