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All Health Workers In Ghana Are The Frontline Soldiers Against COVID-19

… Let’s not Be Selective; let’s protect them All 

My name is McLord Ice Impraim and I am a filmmaker (Director /Producer) not a health worker. But something makes me sad and wish to make it known to the general public so they frown at it.

Ghana should never make our frontline soldiers become patients. We must do everything to support health workers who, despite their own well-founded fears, are stepping directly into COVID-19’s path to aid the afflicted and help halt the virus’s spread and most dangerously attending to people who shows no symptoms at first until they are tested. And therefore plead that the Government must not be Selective but must see all heath care personnels as Frontline Soldiers of the war against COVID-19 in Ghana

Many soldiers have seen horrors of war and how terrifying it is, yet they knew the enemy they were fighting, and could recognise their enemy. But COVID-19 is a rebel soldier who has no uniform but hidden and unidentified just like an ordinary sevilian but dangerous.

The COVID-19 or the new Corona Virus is an invisible enemy but deadly, and it makes the task is harder. All Health Personnels are at risk even the cleaner at the hospital.

During the Ebola outbreak six years ago more than 350 health care workers died while battling Ebola in West Africa.

The risk to doctors, nurses and all others on the front lines has become very scary: Italy has seen at least 18 doctors infected with COVID-19 die, 40 health workers died and the virus has infected more than 5,000 doctors, nurses, technicians, ambulance staff and other health employees. The majority were on the frontline in the badly affected northern regions and contracted the illness at the start of the outbreak. Spain reported that more than 3,900 health care workers have become infected,

Ghana should never make our frontline soldiers become patients I repeat. We all know that our healthcare organizations have no sufficient inventory of personal protective equipment (PPE) for this war we wadge against COVID-19 here in Ghana. No gowns, gloves, and medical grade face masks.

Like soldiers needs ammunition, health workers in Ghana need PPE’s and even insurance covers.They also have families, friends and love ones, and so will also naturally be fearful that the virus might reach those they love most and most dangerously they can also be the mode of transfer of the virus if they are not well protected.

We must give these health workers all the necessary support they need to do their jobs, to keep them safe and alive for they are our frontline soldiers and if we loose them we will loose the battle.

This is my letter to Mr. President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, Hon. Health Minister, Hon. Interior Minister, Insurance Companies, Ghana Health Association, The Christian Council of Ghana, The Ghana Penticostal and The Charismatic Council, The National Chief Imam, Citizens of The Republic of Ghana, WHO and people that matters.

By: McLord Ice Impraim
Film Director /Producer

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