Details Of Angel FM Interview in connection to the Dec. 7 Election Prophecy by Apostle Amoako Attah to be released Soon


The Media and Publications Department of Parliament Chapel International, has revealed that soon, the recordings of an interview he granted to Angel FM regarding the coming election will be released.

Although, a Disclaimer was issued on a report suggesting that he predicted win for a particular presidential candidate, specific details of the prophesy he had concerning the election outcome will be released soon.
According to the statement, Apostle Francis Amoako Attah in an interview on Angel FM reveals that there was a spiritual injunction on the outcome of the elections for which he organised a prayer session to lift that injunction.
It said, the Man of God did indicate that whoever would win the election will do so with a clear and undisputed margin. He however stated the percentage difference in the prophecy for the two leading political parties both NPP and NDC but not as reported by the bloggers who carried the interview.
Stay tuned as we bring to you the full details of his interview on the prophecy of the 2020 presidential election with clear specific candidate who will win the election, since the prayer night with Dr. Ampiah Coffie has lifted the spiritual embargo on the result.


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