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Miserable & Inconsistent Rawlings Can Go To Hell

Out of respect for the Office of a former President of the Republic of Ghana, I have been circumspect in my previous submissions on the needless intrusions by former President Rawlings into the affairs of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), especially regarding my petition to the Office of Special Prosecutor (OSP).However, since Rawlings’ behaviour is clearly giving him away as very partial and biased, I may be left with no choice than tell it as it is to him.With regards to the UEW issues, Rawlings got it totally wrong, despite what looks very much like desperate attempts to do Afenyo-Markin’s bidding at the 38th Anniversary Celebration of the 31st December Revolution, held at the Winneba lorry park on Tuesday 31st December, 2019.In the first place, the theme for the celebration: “Monetization of Elections in Ghana – A Threat To National Development And Genuine Democracy” was not in the least addressed in Rawlings incoherent speech.The entire speech of the irrelevant former President Rawlings, never went anywhere near the theme, which makes many Ghanaians wonder if Rawlings was essentially hired by a certain corrupt politician, who is on his way out of Parliament come December 7th, 2020, to do his bidding.The empty noise about this bogus Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO) Report, had previously reared its ugly head in the past, with its main architect and propagandist, the radio Lawyer Afenyo-Markin, being comprehensively put to shame at the Cape Coast High Court 2 in October, 2019. The said EOCO Report, was concluded by the Court, to be doubtful and incapable of passing a judicial test.If a Court of competent jurisdiction has made a pronouncement on an issue, why not appeal, if Rawlings and his newfound friends were not satisfied?The fundamental question is, was it a EOCO Report that initially indicted Prof. Avoke and the others, that subsequently led to their interdiction and dismissals by the UEW Governing Council? NO!!Therefore, how can a EOCO Report then exonerate them?Prof. Avoke and the other dismissed officers, lost their application for reinstatement at the Cape Coast High Court 2, in October 2019, and they are at liberty to appeal to the Court of Appeal.Another begging question is, a court of competent jurisdiction (the Cape Coast High Court 2), and Rawlings who presided over the execution of three former Heads of State, Judges and a retired Army Major, which of these two is in a position to deliver or call for justice?Rawlings is ranting vainly about injustice meted out to Prof. Avoke and the other dismissed officers of UEW; what about my uncle Alhaji Issaka Bawah, whom Rawlings dismissed from office as the District Chief Executive for the East Mamprusi District in the late ‘90’s without due process? What was his offence? My uncle has NEVER been indicted for anything!!Rawlings MUST reinstate my uncle first, otherwise Rawlings has no moral justification in calling for the reinstatement of ‘thieves’ at UEW!! The old adage that charity begins at home, is still relevant today, as it was yesterday.For the information of former President Rawlings and his corrupt associates, there is no investigation currently ongoing in respect of the current Vice-Chancellor (VC) of the University of Education, Winneba. Such a so-called investigation is a figment of the imagination of a failed lawyer and his corrupt financiers.Rawlings is failing to accept the fact that, he has now been effectively confined to history. It is the word of His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo, that matters, and NOT the biased untruths being spewed out by someone who presided over regimes that murdered, maimed and abused the human rights of Ghanaians, unrivaled even by the Colonial Administration.A few Ghanaians who were murdered in cold blood under Rawlings’ watch include: Generals Afrifa, F. W. K. Akuffo, Odartey Wellington, Acheampong, Utuka, Rear Admiral Joy Amedume, Col. Roger Feli, Major Acquah and the three High Court Judges. The list is endless!!The above extra-judicial killings, carried out by regimes superintended over by Rawlings, are issues more deserving of redress than the Avoke & Co. dismissals, which are purely legal issues, that the law courts of this country, are more than capable of handling.Prof. Avoke tenure as VC of UEW, legally ended on 30th September, 2019, therefore, any call for the reinstatement of Prof. Avoke as VC of UEW, is borne out of ignorance of the highest order!The VC of UEW, Rev. Fr. Prof. Afful-Broni, is NOT stepping aside for any form of investigation to take place, since there is none. If Rawlings is unhappy with this situation, he is more than welcome to storm UEW with all the weapons at his disposal to pursue his so-called justice for Prof. Avoke and the other dismissed officers. Insha Allah, I will defeat Rawlings unarmed!Alhassan Salifu Bawah(son of an upright peasant farmer)

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