Mr President, Hear The Cry Of Ghanaian Haulers


Since the beginning of the complaints and appeal by the Ghana Mineral Haulers Association to the President few weeks ago, Ghanaians have been asking if the government has heed to the cries of the haulers.

In the ensuing noise and pleads by Ghanaian Haulers, the voice of the most important person has not been heard calling on the Ghana Manganese Company to do the honourable thing by paying the Ghanaians haulers. This unheard voice is that of the President.

Today I want to speak to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo not as a media practitioner but a Ghanaian. I wish to speak on behalf of the ordinary Ghanaian Haulers who have work for close to over five year without payment.

Mr President, you can win the 2020 election but unless you win the confidence of the people you lead, the issue of this strikes by many organizations are making your government unpopular hence the need for you to address it with the needed urgency.

Your inability to heed to the cries of the Ghanaian Haulers will create the impression that you “Don’t Care, Cant Care and Wont Care” about them and have no pity for them.

The Ghana Association of Mineral Haulers few weeks ago registered their displeasure over nonpayment of work done for five consecutive months starting from August till date.

Addressing the media at the press briefing in Accra, their Executive Secretary, Prince Barry revealed that the Ghana Manganese Company is owing Ghana Haulers an amount of 70 million Ghana Cedis.

According to him, several complaints have been made by the association but has not yielded any positive results as the Ghana Manganese Company has blatantly refused to honor their obligation of paying the haulers.


He said the huge indebtedness has resulted in nonpayment of overhead cost, which include fuel, bank loans, basic operational costs among others.

According to him, so far as GMC pays its salary workers for the past five months, the Association believes that it’s a way of disrespectful attempt to sabotage the work of the Ghanaian haulers so as to serve their selfish interest.

He stated that, state institutions mandated to carry out the interest of the common Ghanaian hauler are reluctant due to their diabolical interest adding that Ningxia Tianyuan Manganese Industry, which is managing the Ghana Manganese Company has failed to release funds for payment.

He further revealed that state institutions including the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources and Minerals Commission which are to champion the interest of the ordinary Ghanaian hauler have rather over taxed and forced these poor haulers to work under very hash working conditions.

This, he pleaded with the China Government to impress upon Ningxia Tianyuan Manganese Industry to honor their financial obligations, where as the Minerals Commission takes the necessary steps to enforce the rules and regulations governing haulage in Ghana.

By Muhammed Faisal Mustapha/


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