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Mrs. Avoke, Now A Photographer

Mrs. Avoke, wife of the dismissed Vice-Chancellor (VC) of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW), was spotted at the Credit Union Building, located near the Catholic Church, on Friday 19th July 2019, where the unfazed and undisputed VC of UEW, Rev. Fr. Prof. Afful-Broni, resides, taking pictures.

Whatever purpose those pictures are going to serve, is of no significance.
If it is illegal for the VC to reside in the Church premises instead of the University official residence, Mrs. Avoke, together with Prof. Avoke, Afenyo-Markin and the rest, should head to Court now!

Furthermore, if it is illegal for the State to provide round the clock protection for some persons based on intelligence pointing to an imminent attack on those persons, then Mrs. Avoke, plus Prof. Avoke, Afenyo-Markin and the others, are late in suing the State and the VC, because the beefing up of the security of the VC, started as far back as March 2019, to counter the lawless Afenyo-Markin.

It is gathered that Afenyo-Markin and some other two individuals are embarking on a journey this weekend to consult a demented spiritualist to shore up their failed course. This is welcome news.
All potential spiritual threats were identified and neutralized on May 24th 2017, the day Prof. Avoke, invited me to his office for a useless discussion that spanned almost 2 hours.

It is a sheer waste of time and resources on the part of the traitor Afenyo-Markin, and his co-conspirators in their thoughtless attempt to restore Prof. Avoke back to office as VC of UEW!
The fact is that there is absolutely no voodoo or shrine in this world that can restore Prof. Avoke back to office as VC, Insha Allah! Prof. Avoke stands a much better chance of being appointed the VC of the University of Afenyo-Markin, Winneba (UAW), but definitely NOT UEW, Insha Allah!

As at 24th May 2017, Prof. Avoke’s standing as VC of UEW, could be equated to a train in an advanced state of derailment, and the said train derailed on 14th July 2017.

It appears to be too late now for Prof. Avoke to eat the humble pie and petition the incoming UEW Governing Council for clemency. However, Prof. Avoke, is at liberty to apply for the position of VC of UEW at the end of the tenure of Rev. Fr. Afful-Broni in September 2021.
This is the only window of opportunity opened to Prof. Avoke to occupy that high office at UEW again in the future.
Afenyo-Markin is only playing the role of a Chief Deceiver, per his unrealistic and unattainable promises to restore Prof. Avoke back to office as VC of UEW.
Why Afenyo-Markin and his thugs are not storming UEW to carry out their plans of violently restoring Prof. Avoke back to office as VC of UEW, is baffling. So Afenyo-Markin has no ‘balls’? What a coward!

Alhassan Salifu Bawah
(son of an upright peasant farmer)

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