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Muslim Clerics Call On 85 years Old Sheikh I.C Quaye To Step Aside As Hajj Chair

Some Muslim Clerics from the various sects and organizations in the country have called the Hajj Board Chairman, Sheikh I.C Quaye to step aside to pave way for a younger person.

The clerics commended President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo and Dr. Mahamoud Bawumia for their effort that has resulted in the success of the Ghana Operations.

According to them, the Hajj Board has witnessed massive transformation in the last four years due to measures put in place by the President, and his Vice President.

The group revealed that Sheikh I.C Quaye,s achievements are phenomenal but age has over powered him and therefore needed to be replaced with a very experience, hardworking and vibrant younger person.

They further revealed that the leadership style of Sheikh I.C Quaye has had negative effects on Hajj Operations as other members find it difficult to express their views and opinions on how to make the Hajj Board very attractive.

They stated that the new rules by the Hajj Authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to help prevent the further spread of the Corona Virus will not favour Sheikh I.C and the Board.
According to them the Ministry of Hajj and Umra in Saudi Arabia will only allow pilgrims between the ages of 18 to 65 years to perform Hajj this year. However I.C Quaye is 85 years old.

They are therefore calling on the President to replace Sheikh I.C Quaye with a younger person with experience to help continue with the government’s aim of ensuring smooth Hajj Operation for Ghanaian Muslims.

They revealed that Sheikh I.C Quaye is currently having some health challenges and cited how he collapsed immediately after the swearing in of the President last Thursday at the forecourt of the Accra International Conference Centre.

They believe that these and other reasons calls for the former Greater Accra Regional Minister to be replaced to avoid any eventuality in the near future.

They congratulated the President for his one touch victory and wished him the best in the years ahead.

Source: Thomas Acheampong

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