Osu Youth, Asafo Groups Bare Teeth over Uncustomary Installation By Gborbu Wulomo


The Osu Youth Development Association and the Asafo Groups have descend heavily on Gborbu Wulomo of Nungua Traditional Area who according to the groups claims to be the “Shitse” (the overlord of all GaDangme communities in the Greater Accra Region) for supervising uncustomary installation of Asafoatsemei for Osu, Nima and Maamobi.

The youth groups stated that the Nungua Traditional Council is well aware of the fact that the chieftaincy institution is governed by law of the chieftaincy Act, 2008 (Act 759) as it is grounded in Custom and therefore surprise to hear that this uncustomary event was supervised by the so-called Shitse without reference to the Osu Traditional Council.

According to them, the Gborbu Wulomo has lately been portraying himself as the overlord of GaDangme, this the groups emphasize that there is no one single Shitse (overlord of GaDangme) adding that all the Ga States are autonomous.

The groups revealed that there are thirteen Paramountcies within the Greater Accra Region, this they call on Gborbu Wulomo to stop meddling in the affairs of other GaDangme communities and focus on Nungua matters.

“We are sure there is plenty of work for you to do, given the current state of chieftaincy affairs in Nungua, please stay where you are” they added.

The youth groups further revealed that installation of Asafoatsemei is a good thing as it is part of their traditional setting and they are not against it but they shall always kick against the wrong installation of Asafoatsemei that goes against their customs.

Briefing the media, the Vice President of the Association and a member of the Asofo Groups Eugene K. Adotey said the association sighted a notice of coronation of Asafoatsemei for Osu, Nima and Maamobi which was scheduled to take place at Osu Agblanshie on June 27 to 29 this year and the notification said the coronation was to take place under the auspices of Nii Nortey Owuo III, a purported Osu Mantse and one Nii Oblanta I, a gentleman of doubted heritage.

The association he said sighted a letter dated June 24, 2019 which was addressed to Onukpa Futa III, lawful head of the Futa family of Nima.

This letter he said was written by Nii Odoi Kwao II, head of Nii Odoi Kwao and the letter was copied to the appropriate agencies responsible for ensuring that there was always peace and order in the Nima area.

“Again we sighted another letter signed by Osu Stool Dzaasetse, Nii Saban Atsen VII, on behalf of the accredited Osu Kinkawe Dzaase to the Osu Traditional Council seeking inquiry whether the Council was aware of such installations but as usual they were not aware” he noted.

He said the council did the honorable thing by writing to the appropriate agencies to ascertain the truth of the matter and if possible to stop the event which was unlawful.

According to him, the Ghana Police Service was notified by the Osu Traditional Council to follow up and advise the parties involved to cease and desist from the planned uncustomary activity adding that when the Police contacted the alleged perpetrators they denied any knowledge. This the Police prevented the ceremony from taking place.

Setting the records straight, Eugene K. Adotey stated that in Osu Traditional Area, installation of Asafoatsemei is guided by certain procedural process which are exclusive to certain families and not just anybody.

He added that one must hail from a certain family to be eligible hence it cannot be given out or sold to anybody who feels he wants it. This he said remain same in the four (4) quarters of Osu and by extension to villages under the Osu Traditional Area namely, Nima, Maamobi, Boi, Haatso, Papao, Kotobaabi and among other villages under Osu.

He said it is mandatory that the person(s) who performs the traditional sacred rite in any of the quarters of the Osu Traditional Area should have the traditional capacity to do so to avoid conflict within the community.

“Can the Gborbu Wulomo of Nungua tell the whole GaDangme community his capacity in the Osu Traditional Area that mandates him to enstool or destool subjects of the Osu Stool” he asked.

He said the youth of Osu and the entire GaDangme community condemn the activity which is uncustomary and very foreign to GaDangme customs (Kusum) and will not recognize any installation of Asafoatsemei at Osu, Nima or Maamobi and assure the GaDangme people that this year’s Homowo festival will be much peaceful as always.

Source: By Muhammed Faisel Mustapha


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