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Plot Hatched To Overthrow Akufo-Addo Government – Security Expert

A Security Expert, Mr. Dan Akpaloo have revealed a sinister plot being hatched by some people to overthrow Nana Akufo-Addo’s government with the backing of the security forces.
According to him, the orchestrators of that agenda are preparing to overthrown the government with the aim of re-ordering the society.
His position was premise on the information that soldiers dressed in the uniform of a foreign state, carrying sub-machine guns started giving orders at the borders.
“It was a terrifying experience,” he said.
He revealed the foreign soldiers had initially taken up position at Aflao border beach, but for unknown reasons, they tried to Carry out invasion by sea.
Dan Akpaloo also averred that a typical operation might involve weapons being planted in an area thought to be loyal to the opposition with the security service then entering the area amid shooting.
He also noted that the group of foreign soldiers, who he suspected to be terrorist mercenaries from Togo are entering Ghana in order to commit terrorist acts in the country.
He said: “Ghana and Togo share borders which is usually loosely controlled. We are watching each of those thing closely as they have real impact on National security.”
Dan Akpaloo also indicated the security forces must be watch closely since Ghanaian military has been given a significant political role in fighting the coronavirus which has so far infected a lot of people in Ghana.
According to him, preventing the spread of the pandemic, they are really given another layer to a greater higher level But for them to sit down for foreign soldiers to invade our territory attempting to attack is a failure on their part.
He maintained that any attempt by foreign forces to meddle in Ghana’s democracy is “completely unacceptably.”
He however condemned any foreign power interference in Ghana’s Democratic processes and called on states security to protect the nation’s security.
Dan Akpaloo said, “If we do compromise our military there will be serious security implications for the entire nation.”

By Prosper Agbenyega

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