Tebah Education Initiative: Building A Generation Of Future Leaders Through Its Online Educational Programs


Within society, there are various obstacles that prevent students from realising their full potential such as lack of support, absence of career guidance, substance use and abuse, low self-esteem, bullying etc. most of which stem from peer pressure.

Thus, there’s a need for proper mentorship for such groups of people to become effective functional units of society in future.

It is for this and other reasons why the Tebah Educational Initiative Inc, (T.E.I), a non-for-profit organisation was established.

The orgnaisation is to among other things provide educational supplies to needy student; provide physical and online training and mentorship programs for students across the globe to nature them to become responsible leaders.

Since its inception in 2014, the organisation has provided educational supplies to needy students in the United States, Haiti, Ghana and South Africa. Thus, its operational areas.

The Executive Director and Founder, Mrs, Viola Tebah Yanyi-Ampah, stated in an interview that education has an immense potential to change and save lives, hence, the focus of the education.

“So far, through our online training programs, we have impacted and nurtured about 600 students worldwide. We have also directly touched the lives of over 8,000 students in the four countries we currently operate.” she said.

Students who benefit from any of the T.E.I programs are likely to become more successful in their professional and personal lives by virtue of learning and mastering concepts such as right mindset development, setting appropriate future vision and goals, effective communication, presentation and public speaking skills, leadership, financial literacy and social and emotional intelligence learning.

She stressed on the need for students at various levels to take advantage of the online training programs offered by the organisations to enhances themselves personally and professionally.

About Tebah Educational Initiative (T.EI.)

Tebah Educational Initiatives, Inc. (T.E.I) is a non-profit organization that promotes educational awareness for students by helping them understand the benefits of education and to strive for excellence.

T.E.I provides educational supplies to students. It also mentor students to reach their full potential. Since its establishment in 2014.

It has impacted and nurtured about 600 students on the right path to life through its annual online mentorship programs. It has directly provided educational supplies and has touched the lives of over 8,000 students in the United States, Haiti, Ghana and South Africa.

Some major T.E.I programs

The Tebah Educational Initiative (T.E.I) Mentoring Program:  is an annual intensive after-school program that provides structured year-round after-school and summer services for youth ages 12 to 18.

It has been designed to promote youth excellence, cultivate responsible leaders, and support academic excellence and student engagement in school and community environments. Specific T.E.I activities include group counseling, life skills coaching, creative arts, field trips, adventure programming, recreation, and mentoring.

T.E.I. LEAD program:

LEAD: Leadership Empowerment & Development. This is also an annual online training program that gives students the opportunity to serve as officers within the organization. It provides students with leadership, empowerment, and personal development with focus on developing their skills in public speaking, presentation skills and teamwork.

T.E.I. Young Professional Group: This group brings together university students and other young professionals in their thirties to harness on their personal and professional development. The Group offers an art work for professional development, networking, financial management, mentorship, and volunteer opportunities.

Providing a channel by which individuals can harness on their personal and professional development.

YPG in Ghana is currently registered on University of Ghana, Legon campus. It will soon be extended to other major universities.


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