Avea Nsoh Running Scared Of Court. Part I


A classic failure by the name Avea Nsoh, who could not manage a Region entrusted to him by a President of the Republic of Ghana and had to be kicked out of office into a dustbin like an improvised football made from grass, and who had no guts to apply for a position he was initially appointed to by a crony, is clearly displaying the symptoms of a psychopath!

Anyone who claims to have the interest of Avea Nsoh at heart is freely counseled to seek urgent psychiatric help for this well known lunatic

This maniac, who has the habit of walking around in smelly clothes, with flies all over him, keeps exposing his mental incompetence through his gibberish and incoherent writings, and who in addition, foolishly and stupidly believes that the Son of the Upright Peasant Farmer is a coward like him. Let Avea Nsoh be told in no uncertain terms that my writings are indeed my own. No one writes under my name, and as he is fully aware, I am not a ghost. I do exist.
If Alhassan Salifu Bawah doesn’t exist, why did the pathetic and pitiful Avea Nsoh attempt meeting me at my faculty (School of Business) at the south campus? I am definitely not a coward like Avea Nsoh, who, for several months, wrote under the pseudo name, “Victor K. Owusu” in order to propagate falsehood in the name of a non-existent alumnus.

Even when Prof. Avoke was in office as Vice-Chancellor (VC) of UEW, I never disguised my identity. Apart from Allah, I fear no one, so for what reason will I write under a pseudo name?

I am a Senior Lecturer in Law and Acting Director of UEW Basic Schools. If Avea Nsoh has a problem with this, he is at liberty to go and hug the high tension electric pole or throw his smelly body into the Atlantic Ocean.

And this psycho Avea Nsoh had the effrontery to lament that a certain crook parading as a lawyer was insulted in one of my write-ups? This criminal hasn’t seen anything yet! Hiring a personal driver from the Volta Region is clearly an insult to the indigenes of Effutu whom he claims to love so much. Are there no qualified drivers in Effutu? And this idiot has the penchant of crying at the least opportunity in the media that UEW doesn’t recruit the Effutu indigenes! What a classic paradox?

The lies of Avea Nsoh which he spreads through his substandard English, can NEVER change the current status quo at UEW. If this silly Avea Nsoh honestly believes that he has anything good left in his empty head, then he should head to court.

When Supi Kofi Kwayera arrived at the conclusion that Prof. Avoke’s appointment as VC of UEW was unconstitutional, he NEVER wasted time on foolish writings; but rather headed straight to court, after all, any idiot can go to court, to borrow the wise words of Honourable Asiedu Nketiah.

I love being sued, so I expect Avea Nsoh to sue me for everything, including my promotion to the rank of Senior Lecturer and having been appointed Ag. Director of UEW Basic Schools.

Apart from Allah, absolutely NOTHING can touch me!! Some stupid people petitioned the National Accreditation Board (NAB) against my appointment as a Lecturer at UEW in the recent past. The petitioners categorically stated that I am not qualified to be appointed as a Lecturer. If so, why am I still at post as a Lecturer at UEW? Reasonable members of society expect NAB to make its findings, public, since it expended public funds on this thoughtless investigation.

In addition, Bruno Chirani, Afenyo-Markin and Intermec (Gh) Ltd., have all sued me at the High Court. If Avea Nsoh is really a man, then why is he not proceeding to court?
In all the suits and petition stated above, I see a corrupt and deluded individual with a dirty and scarred face behind all that. However, I assure this idiot that he can NEVER win against me, Insha Allah, even with all the huge bribes that he goes about handing over to some equally corrupt persons from his ill-gotten wealth!

The UEW Special Congregation can only be delayed, but CANNOT be stopped, Insha Allah! Whatever the bribe givers and takers did, is an open secret!

The Intermec suit against me was heard at the High Court in Accra on Tuesday 13th October, 2020. Unfortunately, Intermerc failed to show up in court, and couldn’t even respond to my Statement of Defense filed almost three (3) months ago. What a shame! How can you sue someone and turn around to run scared?

It is expected that Avea Nsoh will shed his cowardice, stop mourning and muster the courage and do the needful by joining the bandwagon of lovers of litigation.

Part II loading……..

Alhassan Salifu Bawah
(son of an upright peasant farmer)


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